Dental Technology

Dental technology plays an important role in making your dental treatment process comfortable and efficient. At our Maple Ridge dental practice, we offer a complete range of modern, up to date dental technologies for your convenience.

State of the Art Technology

At Kanaka Creek Dental we believe that using the very latest dental technology is the key to providing quality, comfortable care to our Metro Vancouver patients.

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Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a form of dental x-ray that creates highly detailed, three dimensional images of your whole mouth, including the teeth, bones, soft tissues and nerve paths.

These images are helpful in the diagnosis of and treatment planning for bone-related issues, TMJ issues, dental implants or orthodontic care.

Digital X-rays

Our dentists use digital x-ray technology to help us detect, diagnose, and treat oral conditions and diseases.

Digital x-rays produce enhanced computer images of teeth, gums, oral structures, and oral conditions. It also provides reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics is a technology uses an electrically-powered dental instrument to help make root canals more comfortable and efficient for patients.

This small electric hand tool is equipped with a flexible tip made of nickel titanium, which can be gently inserted into a curved root canal without causing any damage along the way. 


Dental loupes are magnification devices that look a bit like modified eyeglasses.

This simple, small magnification device allows to see small details more closely as we work.

Unlike a magnifying glass, loupes do not have  to be held by hand.

We treat all of our patients like family.

Our dentist and team deeply appreciate the trust our patients place in our care and we are always working to improve your experience at our office.

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