How do dental benefits work?

Posted Dec 4th, 2020

How do dental benefits work?

Dental benefits are generally provided by your employer or purchased separately by self employed individuals. When it comes to the world of insurance companies, there can be endless questions left unanswered by your benefit provider. At Kanaka Creek Family Dental let our expertly trained staff help you navigate the confusion. We direct bill to your insurance company and also call health to get a full break down of the benefit coverage. Feel free to call your local maple ridge dentist at Kanaka Creek Family Dental at 778-401-4001

Frequently asked questions about dental insurance ?

What is a dental breakdown?

A dental breakdown is a full list of procedures your insurance company will cover. It includes what services are included, what services are excluded and at what percentage each procedure is covered at. For example, your insurance company can cover 100% of your basic dental services (Ex: cleaning, fillings) and 50% of major services (crown, bridge, dentures). The breakdown will also let us how often you can get a cleaning, polish and fluoride completed.

Does my insurance cover the full cost of each dental procedure?

Insurance will traditionally cover a specific percentage of the fee. Our fees are set by the province. We are given a British Columbia Fee Guide every February. For example, some insurances will cover 80% of the fee set by the province. Patient are responsible for the remaining balance.

Does my insurance cover Invisalign?

Invisalign is classified as orthodontic services. It is covered in a similar manner to traditional metal braces. Ask Dr. Sabrina at your next visit if you are a candidate for Invisalign!

Does my insurance end at the end of the year?

Most insurance plans follow the calendar year. There are some cases where insurance runs for a 12 month period starting on a month other than January. For example from May-April of the following year.

Do my dental benefits roll over to the next year?

Unfortunately benefits do not roll over and all dental benefits not used will be lost.

Are my dental benefits shared with my family members?

A majority of insurance companies provide individual balances for each member on the plan. In rare cases there is a family balance.

What is a dental insurance preauthorization?

A preauthorization is a request to an insurance company to provide both the patient and our office a guaranteed amount that will be paid toward a service. Preauthorization are great way to understands coverage and request coverage for larger procedures. For examples all crowns are authorized prior to your appointment (Pre-Authorized) to ensure your ensure will cover the cost of the service. Our excellent receptionist work closely with the doctor to submit all documentation to ensure the crowns are improved.

When does my insurance terminate?

Insurance generally terminate at the end of employment.

Does your office submit directly to my insurance?

Yes we submit directly to your insurance company. Feel free to give us a call at 778-401-4001 to set up an appointment.

Does my insurance cover Dental Implant ?

Dental implants are covered under some dental plans however most dont cover them. Dental implants crowns are covered under most dental implants. Call us today to get an accurate estimate of total procedure.

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