Dental Oral Cancer Examination in Maple Ridge

Posted Mar 19th, 2019 in Dental Health Tips

Dental Oral Cancer Examination in Maple Ridge

Kanaka Creek Family Dental in Maple Ridge is proud to offer free Oral Cancer Screening during every Exam

Oral cancer is a general term used to describe cancers associated with the gums, tongue, lips, throat and jaw bones. Diagnosis of oral cancer is often considered severe, as early detection and screening tools have been lacking in the past. Recommendation by the Canadian Dental Association encourage dentist and dental hygienist to remain vigilant during both new patient exams and recall exam to identity precancerous and cancerous lesions. Dental professional are part of the first line of detection, as patient often see their dentist more often than their primary care physician.

During all exams, our dental professionals at Kanaka Creek Family Dental perform a thorough oral cancer screening. This includes reviewing risk factors such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and exposure to oral HPV infections. After a thorough review of your medical history we will perform an oral cancer screening using inspection and palpation techniques. Any precancerous lesions or suspicious lesion that are identified will be further evaluated to rule out cancer.

Patient can also do their due diligence by evaluating their own mouths daily. After brushing and flossing patient can inspect their mouths for any changes such as white spots, lumps or bumps on their gums or tongue and unhealing sores. A lesion that does not heal in one week should be shown to your dentist for further evaluation. Patient can also reduce their risk by reducing exposure to smoke (tobacco or cannabis) and reduce their consumption of alcohol.

Feel free to call our office to book your oral cancer screening.

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